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We have installed a new phone system and are anxious to hear from you. It's usually set to voicemail, but we'll get back in touch with you right away, if you leave either a phone number or an email address. In Visalia, call 697-KVLP (697-5857) - you might hear yourself on a future announcement!

Searching for the right way to express yourself? Hunting for the right gift idea for your favorite KVLP listener? We'd like to help! Our KVLP Gift Shop is now open 24/7, and we know you'll enjoy the shopping. NEW - - window stickers, bumper stickers, and black tees are available now.

From ladies and juniors, to baseball jerseys and XXL tees - ok, there are also mouse pads, totebags, mugs, and BBQ aprons, too. A portion of your purchase helps to support KVLP, and we thank you for taking a look. Just click on Our KVLP Gift Shop or the 101.5 graphic logo.

If perhaps you don't need any of the items and are a confirmed PayPal member, you can contribute by logging-in to PayPal and sending your donation to KVLP (at) radio (dot) fm. We 'preciate it!

Downtown Visalia Farmer's Market - Thursdays from 5:30 to 8:30pm.

Join the music trivia fun and win an embroidered 101.5 ball cap!

Now we have WEATHER and TOP-NEWS pages.  Do you think we need a TRAFFIC page too? Call us at 697-KVLP (697-5857) and tell us all about it.

We certainly appreciate the support we get from you. It is a affirmation to hear in person, by mail, email, and phone. We are at the point where financial support and in-kind contributions are increasingly important. Accordingly, we will recognize these financial and in-kind supporters with brief acknowledgements on-the-air, so that others will know who our new contributors are. We will also maintain a list on our SUPPORT PAGE, and hope that some day you too might join this list.

You're probably aware that we need to improve our 'reach' in Visalia. The best (most cost-effective) way for us to accomplish this goal is to replace our antenna with a new and improved antenna system. We REALLY need your financial help to get this replacement system, and we've opened a PayPal account for you to safely and easily make your donation on-line. Simply login to PayPal and click the 'Send Money' tab. Send your donation to our email address - KVLP [at] radio.fm (replace [at] with @ of course).

While it isn't illegal (yet), the non-emergency use of a cellphone by any city representative while driving is unprofessional and unbecoming, whether driving a garbage truck or a patrol car. Call the city manager's office at 713-4512 and share how you feel about Visalia's yakety cops: just hang up and drive, Officer.

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Hey, what was that song, and who performed it? Click here to ask. Please give us enough hints, like some of the lyrics, or the song that played afer it, or something, ok? If you include a phone number, we can even call to tell you what you need to know.

Joe Cocker drops in while 101.5 Visalia volunteers raise the antenna tower. His management is on the left in the photo.
FCC-Approved version:
Joe {bleep}er drops in while 101.5 Visalia volunteers raise the antenna tower. His management is on the left in the photo.

Fewer than 25 percent of high school seniors in Visalia Unified School District took the SAT-I exam in 2002-2003. In the San Francisco Bay area, the overall rate was nearly 50 percent. In 2003-2004, the VUSD percentage 'zoomed' to 25.66%.
(sources: California Department of Education and the Great Valley Center)

100 watts, like a light bulb....Welcome to KVLP.org, the on-line home of Visalia's community radio station! We hope you'll tune in and listen to our astonishing ONE HUNDRED WATTS of stereo FM power. We're very excited to offer different music and information choices while providing programming unlike anything else available in Visalia, without ANY commercial advertising.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Bookmark us, browse around, and check back later, please. Be sure to check our NEWS page for the latest updates. It has been a five-year process, and we are very excited to be on-air now. We are still assembling our studio facilities. By the way, in September 2009, this website was visited by more than 1350 www-surfers who viewed these very webby pages.

Again, you can give us a little feedback by clicking on this feedback form. In Visalia you can call 697-KVLP (that's actually 559-697-5857) and leave a message. Or, you may contact us at our e-mail address: KVLP (at) radio (dot) fm

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RCA Model 74B Junior Velocity Ribbon Microphone at KVLP

RCA microphone in use at KVLP.

Model 74-B "Junior Velocity" is a ribbon-type mic, and was used by broadcast stations for decades.

Thanks for tuning in. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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